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I reached out to Stacy and she was able to make a home visit pretty quickly (which is so important when you’re in those first weeks with a newborn and feeling totally lost with breastfeeding!). She was able to identify the cause of the pain with latching that I was having and that it was because my son had a possible tongue tie. She suggested it might be worth getting looked at and treated. We ended up doing that and things got drastically better.

Stacy gave us lots of new mom tips too and it made me feel so less alone in the process! It  honestly helped me to have the confidence I needed as a new mom and in my breastfeeding journey. I also attended the Moms Milk Club and found that extremely supportive to keep me going. I am so glad I stuck with it. I know I’ll treasure these days for years to come. Thanks so much Stacy!”

When I was pregnant I remember getting the question “Are you going to breastfeed?” Often. I always answered, that I’d planned to if I was able but didn’t want to put added stress on an already life changing time. Then the time came and it was harder in different ways than I expected.

I called Stacy within the first week and was able to set up a consultation quickly. Stacy also noticed his tongue was restricted right away. She showed us what she was talking about, explained how it effects feeding and more and referred us to an awesome ENT. Within the week our pediatrician also saw and evaluated the tongue tie and gave the referral and recommendation to have it fixed. We had the procedure done week 2 and noticed an improvement in his latch very quickly. Though I still had quite a bit of pain, the ENT and Stacy assured us it’s take some time but he would learn to use his tongue more effectively. We had a follow up with Stacy a week later and she showed us some more tongue exercises. Every time she came I felt more and more confident.

I struggled with sore nipples at first but we got her latch perfected and she never looked back! Around 8 months I had noticed a drop in my supply while pumping at work and Stacy gave some tips on how to ramp back up my supply. Here we are, a little over a year and going strong with breastfeeding!

The support, tips and community of motherhood from Mom’s Milk Club was essential for me, especially at the beginning of each breastfeeding journey.
Lastly, I decided from the beginning that breast milk was what I wanted both of my girls to get no matter the amount (I’m a NICU nurse so I know that every single drop matters!!).

I had taken Stacy’s prenatal ABCs of Breastfeeding class before delivering and had her number saved in my phone, so after our first pediatrician visit and concerns about Harrison not gaining enough weight and still at risk for needing intervention for jaundice, I reached out. We had our first appointment when Harrison was 9 days old! Stacy made me feel so much more confident about my ability to feed my son, and having a weighted feed to see how much he was taking in gave me so much peace of mind. We learned techniques to keep him engaged in eating and she told me about Moms Milk Club—a weekly support group she leads that has been crucial to my breastfeeding success. A second visit a few weeks later helped me refine some of our routine and validate that he is getting plenty of milk from me.
Harrison went from 16-20th percentile in weight at that first visit to now over 70th percentile! He also used to take as long as an hour to nurse, and now can get a full feed in regularly in 15 minutes or less!
Stacy always encourages flexibility, patience and persistence with breastfeeding, and I’ve definitely had to tap into those every day. Now as I prepare to go back to work, I know my son and I can adapt to a new routine and still keep our special bond we’ve developed through breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so grateful to have such a great coach to help me through the next phase of our journey.”

As soon as my husband and I met with Stacy, we were hopeful that breastfeeding might work. Stacy was so kind and understanding, and helped us work out a realistic plan that I was no longer overwhelmed by. Another bump in the road happened when I realized I started running a fever, which ended up being due to mastitis. When we were in the ER away from our baby waiting for the diagnosis, I remember feeling like I couldn’t breastfeed anymore, it was so painful and I just wanted to be able to be home with our baby. When I got home, I remember breaking down in tears to my husband and mom and telling them I just couldn’t do it, that I was in so much pain and was so overwhelmed. I remember the only hope I had for breastfeeding was the plan that Stacy had helped us come up with. Stacy helped me realize I had to take baby steps and first start feeling better from the mastitis. We all agreed that I would try the plan for just one day and see how it went. I took it day by day from that point on, and I know that the reason just one day turned into a week was because Stacy had helped us make a plan that was realistic and doable. We met with Stacy for a follow-up appointment and to our surprise Cece was taking more than enough from direct breastfeeding!! Cece is now 3 weeks old and I am so incredibly grateful that she is now breastfeeding. The support from Stacy, my husband, my mom and all the ladies at Milk Club made breastfeeding possible for us. If you are wanting to breastfeed but are feeling overwhelmed or experiencing any challenges, I can tell you firsthand that having Stacy in your support system can make all the difference!”💕

When we welcomed our son into the world in the middle of a pandemic, we never had a chance to attend birthing classes or get any of our answers to important questions like “How do you pump properly? What is a good latch? What is a tongue tie? How do I know if he’s eating enough?”.
Then, two weeks after he was born, both of us had thrush. He wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t nurse and wow did my breasts hurt. That set the pace for his first few months! There was reflux and medications, bottle refusal, clogged ducts—then at about 5 months I had to start supplementing with formula and switching largely to pumping and serving.
That’s when I met Stacy! I could not keep up my milk supply no matter how hard I tried. Meeting with her was one the best decision because after watching me pump she explained that I wasn’t using the proper flange size. I was using the pump correctly but needed a better size. She also made some suggestions about how to increase my milk supply. Guess what…it all worked! After our session and following all of her recommendations, I was able to pump almost 3 weeks of feedings for our freezer and keep up with his daily intake. Here we are 9 months later!”

Having a newborn amidst a global pandemic has been stressful. I am lucky to have many supportive family members who know about breastfeeding, but social distancing has left me without the support I had envisioned pre-baby. Stacy and Moms Milk Club have both been a wonderful way to fill this gap. Stacy provided us with virtual lactation visits and has answered calls and texts. She is always able to offer excellent advice with kindness no matter what issue we are facing. I would recommend e-reaching out to Stacy if you have any issues or needs.

Hailey was born on 4/15/2020 at 39 weeks. The delivery went very smooth and with all the COVID precautions we were able to leave the hospital after 24 hours. Unfortunately, Hailey's weight had already dropped by 9%. Hailey was very fussy and acting hungry and my milk still had not come in. We both were frustrated and really discouraged. As a NICU nurse and a new mom, I was nervous about her weight loss and that it seemed she wasn’t getting much milk. I immediately contacted Stacy because she came highly recommended from all of my coworkers that had used her in the past. We were able to do a virtual visit and she got me started on a pumping schedule while we began supplementing with a combination of breastmilk and formula until my milk starting increasing. By day 5 my milk was finally where it should be and after 2 weeks Hailey was almost back to birth weight! She will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and even though it was a rough start, I am happy to say that breastfeeding is really going great now!

The few weeks of breastfeeding were so rough! Nothing about breastfeeding worked.⁣ When I pumped for the first time, I remember thinking, “How am I going to do this for a year?” Cece struggled to latch, we were doing triple feedings, I developed mastitis, and I was crying through every nursing and pumping sessions.⁣
Only after meeting with Stacy and putting a plan in place did things start working. Cece and I have now been exclusively breastfeeding for a full year! I look back at those first few months and truly can’t believe where the time has gone.

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