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Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.  I have had the privilege in caring for moms and babies for 30 years.  As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2005, my goal and promise to families is to support, encourage and meet you where you are at in your parenting journey. The definition of successful breastfeeding is different for every woman. Many women have the notion that breastfeeding should be easy and natural. Often this is not the case. As a lactation consultant in private practice, I am here to help in those circumstances. My approach is kind and you'll be embraced with warmth and guidance as we work together to come up with a realistic plan. I would be honored and feel privileged to be a part of this very special and vulnerable beginning in your baby's life.

My entire career has been interwoven with moms and babies! This includes labor and delivery nursing, inpatient and outpatient lactation, NICU and private practice lactation experience. I have also shared my passion for the birth process, baby care, infant massage, multiples, and breastfeeding education during my career with families and staff alike. To complement my practice, especially for those complex breastfeeding cases, I have completed training in other holistic modalities. These include a  Master level Reiki training, 200 hour Yoga training, Cranial Sacral therapy I & II, and a Master level IBCLC class that included oral myofunctional therapy skills. These have all been very beneficial in contributing to a more inclusive and holistic approach with moms and babies.

On a very special note, I am the proud mom to four beautiful breastfed children (Taylor, Nick & Cody-twins, and Zack) and Mimi to two sweet and spunky grandbabies. My youngest child, Zack, was one of the best surprises in life! He taught me first hand about breastfeeding difficulties and about how patience, practice, and persistence can reap great rewards. Thank you to my family and to all my moms, babies, and their families for being an inspiration to me in my practice!

Meet our Team Members

Verita Soto RN, IBCLC


Hi! I'm Verita! I like to say that I have been practicing nursing since I was 8 years old. When I was 8, my mom came home with my almost 11 pound baby brother! She made the decision to formula feed because her recovery was so painful and she did not have the support of a lactation consultant to breastfeed. Not only was her recovery difficult, but my baby brother proved to be as well. I remember waking up with her almost every night trying to comfort her while she desperately tried to soothe him during what she referred to as "nightmares"! His high pitched loud screams kept us up for hours. Needless to say, he was diagnosed with colic which lasted for 2 months! I did not know it at the time, but that experience proved to play a pivotal role in the direction of nursing I would choose to pursue. That childhood experience, along with my 15 years as a medical Spanish interpreter in labor and delivery and mother infant, gave me a greater appreciation for the challenges moms endure after giving birth. I followed my heart’s calling and became a nurse and IBCLC because I wanted to provide new mothers with support from breastfeeding to overnight infant care during the postpartum period.

After receiving my BSN in 2011, I took a position as a home visiting nurse providing community-based outreach and care coordination services to high-risk, low-income women. In 2015, I joined Interim Heath Care offering OSU employees enrolled in the Buckeye Baby Program a postpartum home visit and breastfeeding support. It was during my time there that I met Stacy. Stacy mentored me and I attended many of the in person Moms Milk Club meetings. She possesses such a wealth of knowledge and experience and is so loved and respected among her colleagues and most of all, her mamas! I am incredibly honored and blessed to be working with her, and to be part of the Baby's Best Beginning Team!

Deb Summers RN, IBCLC


Hi, I'm so happy to be rejoining Baby's Best Beginning. I loved working with moms and babies in their own environment and only paused because I was also working in-patient Lactation at St. Ann's hospital and my children kept adding grandchildren, so my nursing and lactation services were already in full use. During my years in the hospital, I set up and chaired the Breastmilk Committee in the NICU and worked tirelessly to incorporate my knowledge of premature and medically challenged infants and lactation skills to benefit these infants, their mothers, and families.

As an in-patient Lactation Consultant, I have enjoyed using my skills to help many mothers and babies embark on their breastfeeding journeys, no matter how simple or complicated that might be. Having recently retired fromthe hospital, I am so excited to be able to get back to the happy task of helping babies and mothers make their best start in the Baby's Best Beginning community!


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