I accept FSA and HSA cards for lactation services and classes.
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Lactation Services for Moms

Free 15 min Breastfeeding/Pumping/Mom Support Call $0

Moms need accurate breastfeeding & pumping advice, support and guidance now more than ever! I have opened up my calendar to chat with you to hear your breastfeeding/pumping/mom concerns and worries. Select a time for us to connect via phone and we will explore some solutions! This service is good for new clients only.

Telehealth Virtual Lactation Consultation $175

During a telelactation video conferencing visit we will meet via a secure and HIPAA compliant video format to address your current breastfeeding or pumping challenges. Together we will come up with a feeding plan to address the difficulties that you are having. This is a good format to be able to offer support and guidance with latch issues, engorgement, proper flange sizing, milk supply issues, recurrent clogged ducts, sore nipples, inadequate weight gain, and other breastfeeding and pumping concerns. It is also a great format for back to work concerns, for a breastfed baby who is having difficulty taking a bottle or to create  a comfortable weaning plan. 

Private Home Lactation Consultation $250

There is nothing better than a lactation consultation in the privacy of your own space with a new baby! A consultation lasts 1-2 hours and includes a detailed medical and birth history of mom and baby and current breastfeeding experience. It also includes an assessment of both the mother and baby, before and after nursing weight checks with a special breastfeeding scale sensitive enough to measure how much the baby has taken in at the breast and compassionate hands-on help for guidance. At the conclusion of the visit, we will create a realistic feeding plan that will walk you step-by-step to address your breastfeeding challenges.  A follow-up visit can be scheduled as needed. 

Telehealth Prenatal Consultation $150

Meeting before the baby arrives to talk about the basics of breastfeeding & pumping is a great way to get your breastfeeding journey off to a good start. We will meet 1:1 via telelactation video conferencing to address all your specific questions and concerns.
*BONUS* All prenatal telehealth visits will be granted access to my comprehensive online breastfeeding course Boobies, Babies & Breastfeeding: Everything you need to know to be successful in your breastfeeding and pumping journey. 

Hospital Grade Breast Pump & Breastfeeding Scale Rental

Medela SymphonyBreast Pump-$25 per week or $75 per month. $45.00 for the breast pump kit. SECA Breastfeeding Scale-$25 per week or $75 per month.

Supporting moms. Nurturing babies. Overcoming challenges.