Born During A Pandemic: The Silver Lining From A Baby's Perspective

Apr 26, 2020

Top 10 Reasons that being born during a pandemic is the BEST TIME EVER!!! 

There is no question that being born during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges! However, if you stop for a moment and think about what a BABY might think about it, perhaps you can shift your perception and find a wonderful silver lining amongst the craziness! 

1. Boy, oh boy everyone and everything is so CLEAN in this hospital! Everyone is always washing their hands so no germies get on me! 

2. Whew! I get to leave the hospital earlier than normal! Yay for early discharge!

3. I am so happy that I get to have both of my parents home with me all the time! Baby tag team is so nice!

4. I am so glad the pressure for my mom to lose all her baby weight so she can fit into her favorite pair of jeans is off! She can wear her super soft comfy leggings as much as she wants now! 
5. I love all the attention that I am getting from my siblings! 

6. I am so glad that those sibs of mine aren't bringing home those yucky germs from their preschool and friends of theirs!

7. I know I am the cutest baby on the planet, but I am also thankful that my parents aren't taking me out much because then they don't have to worry about strangers breathing on me and having the irresistible urge to touch me just because of my cuteness.

8. WOW! I am seeing all these peeps on this thing called ZOOM. It seems pretty cool because they are all smiling at me!

9. My mom is the coolest because she has lots of time to learn how to breastfeed me! Even if she was nervous about breastfeeding in public, she doesn't have to worry about that right now!

10. I have to say that I really do feel bad that my parents seem super worried about this virus and all the other stuff, but new babyhood for me has been awesome!  Just being together as a family helps us to know what is really most important!  

With lots of hugs & kisses! XOXO

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