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Twelve weeks of classes...

Posted on June 23, 2010 at 8:48 PM

I received a phone call the other day asking for information about my childbirth education classes. The woman was very interested in all the information that I was providing and seemed to really think the class would be just what she and her husband needed to prepare for their birth until she asked how many weeks the class would last. “Twelve weeks!” she exclaimed “You expect me to spend twelve weeks on something so simple as giving birth?” I was truly at a loss for words. Something as simple as giving birth huh? I reflected on these words for a couple of days and soon found myself getting angry. Was twelve weeks really too much time to ask someone to plan for one event? I started thinking about other events I have taken time in my life to prepare for. The only thing that came to mind was my wedding. For over fifteen months I planned. I was on wedding planning message boards, would interview every single person who was recommended to me and spent countless hours agonizing over the colors, the music, the flowers, the dress and everything in between. Most couples I know do the same. Of course at the end of the day all that really matters is that they are able to marry their partner but very few people say ‘well the minister/priest/rabbi etc is the expert on marriage I will just do whatever they say in regards to my wedding’ yet when it comes to birth so many couples simply defer to whatever their doctor tells them is best even when there is no medical evidence supporting those choices. We invested 15 months into planning our wedding which only lasted about 7 hours from the march down the aisle to the last dance. The average labor for a first time mom is 12 hours. Even if you are planning a medicated birth doesn’t it make sense to put even a quarter of the effort into the plan as you did your wedding day?

Is 12 weeks of childbirth preparation really too much time to invest in preparing to bring your child into this world? Honestly I don’t think its long enough and find myself supplementing my materials with emails, articles and research throughout the week. When you really start looking to how to prepare for such an extraordinary occasion I suggest you find the longest, most through childbirth class you can find and then supplement it with as much reading material as you can. When it comes to bringing your child into the world this is truly not a case of less is more.

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Reply play solitaire online
6:01 AM on September 8, 2010 
Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at www.babysbestbeginning.com could post it.

Reply WawPowDoovese
7:57 AM on September 6, 2010 
Very Interesting!
Thank You!
Reply The Omaha Baby Lady
10:34 PM on June 23, 2010 
I should have clarified I wasn't mad at her. It makes me mad at a culture that values certain events over others. If you want to obsess over wedding details that's fine but if you want to write a birth plan you are scoffed. So many people spend over a year planning for their wedding but give no time or effort in planning for their baby's birthday. Just makes me sad
Reply Ishtar11
10:24 PM on June 23, 2010 
I feel like birth is more important than anything to prepare for. All women being different, it is not surprising to me that some would opt for shorter or no classes, which many do. People all have different belief's and expectations, some of which will be very different form the reality. It doesn't mean that they do not "care" as much as another mother. Circumstances with work, school and family life can play the deciding factor in choosing what is the best preparation for a family. Twelve weeks and the cost can be a bit more than some people are ABLE to give. I agree that it is not something to take lightly and research should be done to see what is truly the best birthing class for each family on their own. Before Justin and I signed up for Bradley we had friends recommend it and then we went to the http://www.bradleybirth.com/ site and read the entire thing. We then decide it was good for us. The cost and amount of time the course takes is specified in this website.
Don't be mad that the woman doesn't feel like birth is going to be a difficult thing. In a sense the baby will come one way or the other. Different people have different needs. Maybe she will decide that it isn't too much to do the bradley class along with all of the other baby preparation after all. She no doubt had no intention of upsetting you, just has a different perspective. Justin and I have learned quite a bit in our bradley classes and are glad that the information is available to us though it may not be what all couples are after.

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